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James B. (Jim) Gottstein

Education:  Harvard Law School, JD, 1978
                   University of Oregon, BS. Finance 1974

Admitted:  United States Supreme Court
                  Alaska State Courts
                  9th Circuit Court of Appeals
                  7th Circuit Court of Appeals
                  US District Court Alaska
                  US District Court Eastern District Wisconsin
James B. (Jim) Gottstein, Esq., is a 1978 graduate of Harvard Law School, and founded the Law Offices of James B. Gottstein in 1985. Mr. Gottstein has over 40 years experience representing clients in a wide-range of business matters, real estate, public land law, and mental health law.  Clients have included individuals, corporations and other types of business entities, Alaska Native corporations, non-profits, and an Alaska Native tribal government. 

Mr. Gottstein is mostly retired, spending the winter in Hawaii.  Subject to the constraints inherent in not being in Alaska for the winter, Mr. Gottstein is available to represent clients for select civil litigation, appeals, real estate transactions, commercial disputes and commercial transactions as well as federal whistleblower cases involving fraud against the federal government.  Mr. Gottstein will also consider representation in other types of matters.

In March of 2015, Mr. Gottstein sued over a no bid contract to gut and reconstruct the Anchorage Legislative Information Office Building for lease back by the Legislature.  Just about a year later after intense litigation, the lease was declared illegal.

Mr. Gottstein has been involved in cases with big impacts, such as the Mental Health Trust Lands Litigation, resulting in the reconstitution of the 1 million acre trust and creation of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, as well as subpoenaing and releasing the Zyprexa Papers detailing the great harm caused by this drug that had been kept secret by its manufacturer as well as the manufacturer's illegal activities.   In 2020 Mr. Gottstein published The Zyprexa Papers detailing the legal battle that ensued with Eli Lilly and his representation of Bill Bigley for whom he subpoenaed the documents.

Mr. Gottstein's appellate work has been focused on mental health related cases.  Appellate decisions include:

  • Myers v. Alaska Psychiatric Institute, 138 P3d 238 (Alaska 2006)
  • Wetherhorn v. Alaska Psychiatric Institute, 156 P3d 371 (Alaska 2007)
  • Wayne B. v. Alaska Psychiatric Institute, 192 P3d 989 (Alaska 2008)
  • Bigley v. Alaska Psychiatric Institute, 208 P3d 168 (Alaska 2009)
  • United States v. King-Vassel, 728 F.3d 707 (7th Cir 2013)
  • In the Matter of Heather R, 366 P.3d 530 (Alaska 2016)  

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